No Sweat

The heat index is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the Mississippi Valley. I felt a bead of sweat roll down my back, and I smiled. I am able to sweat. Because of damage to my autonomic nervous system, caused from lack of vitamin B12, I was unable to sweat normally for years. I got symptoms of heat stroke, after spending about fifteen minutes out in barely warm, to hot weather. In an attempt to cool myself, I took a spray bottle with me everywhere I went. Then, when I walked into an air-conditioned room, I got shaking chills, because my internal body temperature was so high. Now, after almost two years of vitamin B12 injections for pernicious anemia, my ability to sweat is starting to return. I still keep a spray bottle with me during very hot weather, since I don’t tolerate high heat well, but my body’s cooling mechanism is making a comeback. It is a hopeful sign.

My first post, Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency, featured the video by the same name. I have received feedback regarding the content of this video. One comment was, “Crikey!” Another friend, who has multiple sclerosis, sent the video to her two doctors, and is in the process of being tested for vitamin B12 deficiency. She sent it forward to someone else who cried when she watched the video and said, “This is my life!” ¬†Another friend forwarded the video to a friend across the Atlantic, who is now on vitamin B12 injections.

For those of you who missed it, you can still view it. At over 50-minutes long, it is a time commitment, but I am certain this video has saved lives.

Be Well and B12!


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