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Allergy Alerts




In the Midwest, we are in the throes of allergy season. For me, grass pollen is the real kicker. I had an anaphylactic reaction to allergy skin testing from the grass family skin test serum. My entire back, where the skin test was placed, felt like it was on fire, and I was so nauseated I thought I would vomit. I felt my face tighten up and the roof of my mouth itch. I received two shots of epinephrine to keep the hives from spreading down the trunk of my body, and to keep my face from swelling further. I was given oral steroids and an epi-pen. Because of this reaction, I’m unable to receive allergy shots; it’s just too dangerous. So during grass pollen season, which is essentially from Memorial Day to Fourth of July, I take an over-the-counter antihistamine and go from one air-conditioned oasis to the next. I am generally not able to take part in outdoor activities during this window of the summer. Most allergists tell people with allergies that the first line of defense is to avoid what gives you grief. This seems self-evident, but is not always easy to avoid something as ubiquitous as grass.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology is a great resource to pinpoint what type of pollen and spores are in the air.

I found out that today, June 2, 2014, trees, grass, and mold all have high concentrations, and weeds have a moderate concentration.
You can sign up for alerts based on the US region in which you live. It’s easy to sign up to have free alerts sent to your email, and┬ácan help you plan your activities based on what is in bloom.Be well!

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